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Business Planning & Transactions

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The Business Planning & Transactions Group at Neuberger, Quinn, Gielen, Rubin & Gibber, P.A. is known for developing creative solutions to complex problems that cut across many areas of business and commercial law. We represent clients from industries that span the retail, distribution, wholesale operations, business information services, consumer and industrial products, freight forwarding, fashion and apparel manufacturing and distribution, direct sales/marketing, print and online publishing, environmental banking, healthcare, telecommunications and high-tech sectors. We partner with CEOs, general counsel, executives and key managers from businesses of all sizes, from startups and closely held companies to public corporations and multistate enterprises.

Working collaboratively with clients and their advisors, our attorneys focus on delivering the most advantageous solutions for each situation. Although we always strive to be efficient, we are not “form book lawyers” who look to just “fill in the blanks” or run with the easy, one-size-fits-all approach. We provide seasoned counsel on problems big and small, and negotiate and close both routine and complex business transactions.

Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of each client’s business – both the industry and the client’s place in it – and the client’s goals. Our clients regularly tell us that we are good listeners, ask good­ (and sometimes tough) questions, and are quick studies. We look to fit the solution to the problem—rather than the opposite approach—so that we can identify and navigate potential obstacles that stand in the way of our clients’ achieving their business objectives.

Our broad-based experience encompasses:

  • Advising on and organizing new business ventures, whether solely owned or involving multiple parties, and helping existing ventures expand
  • Acquiring or disposing of businesses (often collaborating with colleagues Tax Planning Group)
  • Structuring and consummating M&A transactions
  • Drafting, reviewing and advising on, a wide range of business and commercial contracts and business deals
  • Representing borrowers and lenders in loan and other financing transactions and issuers in equity offerings
  • Assisting public and privately held companies with federal and state securities law compliance issues
  • Advising public companies on corporate governance matters
  • Negotiating, drafting and advising on employment-related matters, such as employment agreements, severance agreements, restrictive covenant agreements and executive compensation arrangements